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We believe that joy and excitement can motivate us to do great things with our body, minds and souls.

Class Descriptions & Our Teachers


If you have any questions as to which class is right for you, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Yoga Basics -  A great class for those who are new to yoga or those who want a break from stronger power yoga classes.  We'll laugh, move, breath, stretch and get deeper into some stuck places.   

Prana Flow - "Prana," or life force, "flow," a steady, continuous movement. If your energy is stuck, this is the best class for you. Use your breath, body, mind, and spirit to transform you.

Power Practice - Karen encourages all levels practitioners to challenge themselves with a lunchtime quickie. It's a slow build of power with playfulness and modifications incorporated throughout the practice. She likes to remind you that everyday you get stronger or weaker and you choose the direction of that change. In every class she teaches, Karen welcomes the freedom to move beyond her cues. Whether looking for a dynamic experience or pushing your personal edge, this class will give you what you need in the hour.

Power Hour - Get your workout in and be out in an hour. Stretch and strengthen with a vinyasa style flow. Expect some play with arm balances and inversions, not to worry, modifications always offered. All levels welcome.


Swing Yoga - Weekend Warrior - If your weekend needs a little spice, come fly higher, work deeper, and get stronger with us to put some energy into your weekend yoga practice.  

Swing Yoga - Swing Into the Weekend - Interested in swinging? Come with us and swing into your weekend -- strengthen and stretch your body from head to toe, enjoy!


Weekend Warrior (Yoga Flow) - Grab some positive "me" time. This Vinyasa Flow-based class will renew you on a Saturday morning. New to yoga, no problem..  Let us know before class and we'll take good care of you

Friday Flow - A flow appropriate for all levels,  Lo creates a safe space for her students  to explore, learn, and meet their practice exactly where they are. First you'll find the breath, then you'll find the version of the pose that is best for you. You will move through standing and balancing series, arm balances, and core strengthening, offering students the ability to grow their practice through focus on proper alignment.  

Balance of Power - Balance of power is a class that uses Vinyasa flow to utilize a person's ability to incorporate their own power into balance postures which engages the core and prepares the body for inversions.

Bring it Monday - Bring it Monday is a fun PranaVayu Yoga class, it focus’ on breath awareness logical sequencing, skeletal positioning and meditative practices for a well balanced practice. We will  work towards a particular peak pose or target a specific body part to make it easier to develop full body strength and flexibility. Bring it on, and Come prepared to leap into the week. Change your body and free your mind. 

Vin-Hatha - Vinyasa flow and Hatha both work to improve strength and range of motion by connecting breath with movement. In this Vin-Hatha class, we combine the fast pace flow of Vinyasa and the breathing through longs holds of Hatha so you can enjoy the heat building and moving meditation in one practice


Swing Yoga - Intro to Swing Workshop - Great for beginning your swing yoga practice.  Learn swing basics, the equipment, and the joy of aerial movement.  Completion of this workshop is a prerequisite for all other swing classes.



Justin Rockett

Justin Rockett has been a Registered Yoga Instructor since 2011.  His love and understanding of movement is an extension of his gymnastics and dance background. After longing for a spiritual connection and wanting to dive deeper into his yoga practice, he decided to take a 200 hr  Prana Flow teacher training with Micheline Berry. With an open heart and a passion for sharing his love of yoga, his teachings are infused with playfulness and creativity.

Justin has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004  and a Physical Therapist since 1999. He incorporates breathwork, meditation, Reiki, and Thai Massage into his relaxation and deep tissue sessions.  Justin has participated in several Body Electric workshops and acknowledges this work in assisting him to radical acceptance of himself. 

“My purpose in this lifetime is to provide healing touch and assist others in finding ease, peace, and acceptance in their own sacred divinity”.

Mary Waugh

Mary Waugh began practicing yoga in February of 2013 due to a running injury. During those early days, her work on the mat was motivated by a longing for physical healing. Pleasantly surprised, she experienced peace and healing in her emotional, mental and spiritual body as well! This discovery inspired her to become a yoga teacher. So in the midst of being a wife, mother of 4, hugger, knitter, reader of literature and student of Life, Mary obtained her 200hr E-RYT, and 500hr RYT certification.

Mary’s training includes Anatomy for Yoga, Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Pain Management, Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Introduction to Ayurveda, Pranayama (Beginner and Advanced Part 1), and certifications in Prenatal Yoga (Level 1), Restorative Yoga, and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra TM . Her teaching style (through group and private settings) is focused on mindful movement, healthy alignment and building strength and length in the muscles. She uses the yoga practice on the mat to promote health in the body, mind and soul and encourages yogis to integrate experiences and revelations on the mat to their everyday life.

John Clemons

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 7 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindful.

I discovered yoga at a transitional period in my life. I had always been a physical person, doing high- intensity cross training and bicycling, but wanted a change in expressing my physicality. I happened upon a free yoga class presented in a park and quickly joined a local studio. I was surprised with the intensity of the physical practice and the resulting mental clarity and overwhelming feeling of peace. I became so motivated by the practice, I started attending classes daily, and sometimes even twice a day, practicing in all styles of yoga. I continued with my yoga practice for six years and after invitations to attend teacher training, a serendipitous occasion occurred, and I attended Sattva Yoga’s first 200-hour teacher training. There I experienced the spirituality that I had always been seeking, but never had attained. I realized I enjoyed teaching people how to further their own yoga journeys by perfecting the various postures and yoga sutras. I look forward to sharing my experience with fellow yogis and new- comers to yoga.

Karen Kennard

Karen is an E-RYT 500. In 2015 she  traveled to Costa Rica for four weeks of intensive training, and there earned 200 hour accreditation as administered by Reflections Yoga Center of New York, NY.  In 2017 Karen completed her 500 RYT with the Lotus Pond.  She has been exposed to a number of strong teachers and practitioners from all walks of life. So many of these people have contributed to her development as a yoga professional.

Karen is a multifaceted instructor with more than 2,500 hours of practical teaching.  She loves to remind us, every day we get stronger or weaker, tighter or longer, we choose the direction of the change. Whether leading a senior chair class or a powerful  vinyasa flow to her peers, she strives to build engagement with all participants. It is her goal in each class to create and provide a positive, uplifting, and challenging experience to everyone. Her mantra for life is "Give Joy, Get Joy"

Debbie Rogers

Debbie is an E-RYT200 and E-RYT500 yoga instructor.  After years of long distance running and related injuries she found yoga as a "physical" outlet to move the body safely and creatively.   In 2010 she completed her 200-hour Prana Flow Vinyasa certification with Micheline Berry.

As her practice grew and deepened beyond Asana and the physical nature of yoga, in 2013 she completed her 300-hr Advanced Studies Certification in Yoga. One connection in life lead to another and in October 2014 she spent the month studying at the Mysore Ashtanga Institute, Mysore, India with Sarathawati Josie.  Embracing the Ashtanga Practice and Eight Limbs of Yoga most recently moved her to the next level of her exploration and education.  In 2018 She completed her 600-hour apprenticeship in Ashtanga Yoga.

She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Power and Introduction/Beginner Level classes as well as private, semi-private and small group sessions including corporate clients. Yoga has allowed her the opportunity to travel internationally teaching and practicing around the world. Her Mantra: Move the Body, Calm the Mind, Heal the Soul. The practice of yoga allows her to bring joy and connection on many levels to others.

Lois “Lo” Waite

Lois “Lo” Waite began practicing yoga over a decade ago. A former competitive triathlete, duathlete, and long-distance runner, she found yoga to be a great compliment to her training. But as her practice evolved, she discovered yoga to be much more than just a physical practice. The mind-body connection through yoga and meditation brought a sense of peace to her life. Yoga has made her both emotionally and physically stronger, and more balanced. A compassionate teacher, she teaches students that yoga is much more than exercise, it is a way of life. 

Lo completed her 200 hour training in Vinyasa Flow from Bella Prana under Roni Elissabeth Sloman, Tina Tidwell, and Jessica Lynne Trese.

Julianne Andrews

Julianne’s journey is ever evolving - her story is amassed by motherhood, world travels and residency abroad.

Her Yoga teacher journey began in Dubai  early 2014 at the ETA College with a 100 hour introductory course in Vinyasa yoga, followed by 200 hours + registered teacher training in PranaVayu  Yoga with Boston based instructor David Magone. Additional certifications include two styles of aerial yoga: Swing Yoga, taught by Peewee Sanchez, in Dubai, UAE and AIReal Yoga with Carmen Curtis in Ventura California. Julianne has emerged herself in yoga and meditation communities and festivals across the planet, she is ever expanding her knowledge and will be taking her 300 hr YTT  With Tampa Bay’s very own Bella Prana Yoga Studio, throughout 2019. 

Dr. Jesse Law

Dr. Law graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors degree in music performance. He became a certified personal trainer for International Sports Science Association (ISSA) immediately following his undergraduate education to his understanding of proper training. Dr. Law chose to become a certified chiropractic physician after receiving care from a chiropractor that treated him with compassion following a traumatic lower back injury while training. He received a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida.

Dr. Law is an active member within the fitness community as a coach and athlete as well. He is certified in Functional Range Conditioning, RockTape and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization that are effective in addressing many conditions from extremity complaints, sprain and strain injuries, to whole body joint pain.

Dr. Law is board certified in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and is also a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, Chiropractic Physician Association of America, and Florida Chiropractic Physician Association.