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We believe that joy and excitement can motivate us to do great things with our body, minds and souls.

Music Partners

We had a wonderful yoga experience at the park with Jeremy. 

He is working to raise money to create his next album. Please support! 

To bring this project to fruition, I am asking for your support. This is my biggest recording project yet and I have a myriad of expenses to take care of to make it happen. 

Your support will enable me to pay for costs associated with the many facets of album production, including retreat costs, pre-production, equipment, recording, mixing, and mastering costs, as well as packaging design and physical album production and distribution. There are also costs associated with the rewards in the reward tiers. In addition, a portion of the funds goes to Kickstarter for hosting this platform, to Amazon for processing payments, and taxes. Other than these fees above, all of your pledge money will go towards bringing this project to fruition.