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206 East Cass Street
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We believe that joy and excitement can motivate us to do great things with our body, minds and souls.

Class Descriptions & Our Teachers


If you have any questions as to which class is right for you, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Yoga Basics -  A great class for those who are new to yoga or those who want a break from stronger power yoga classes.  We'll laugh, move, breath, stretch and get deeper into some stuck places.   

Vinyasa Flow -  Movement through the postures is balanced and flowing with the breath. New yoga students will find this class enjoyable and more experienced students will be able to develop more depth in their asana and pranayama practice.

Hatha Yoga -  A hatha yoga class will work to balance strength and flexibility through the balancing of the "ha," or your active nature, and the "tha," or your receptive nature. Not too energetic and not too passive... it's the "just right" yoga class even for newbies to yoga.

Prana Flow - "Prana," or life force, "flow," a steady, continuous movement. If your energy is stuck, this is the best class for you. Use your breath, body, mind, and spirit to transform you.  



Swing Yoga - Winged Warrior - One step above Restore & Stretch. Fly higher, work deeper, get stronger. Be challenged and love it. 

Swing Yoga - Weekend Warrior - If your weekend needs a little spice. Who's weekend doesn't? Put some great energy into your weekend and your yoga practice.

Swing Yoga - Restore & Stretch - Great if you're beginning an aerial yoga practice and if you need some deeper stretching or time to release tension in your neck and back. Basically, just plain great! Guys... do not be shy. You'll get rid of that tightness in your legs and lower back so reserve your space and experience it yourself!


Weekend Warrior (Yoga Flow) - Grab some positive "me" time. This Vinyasa Flow-based class will renew you on a Saturday morning. New to yoga, no problem..  Let us know before class and we'll take good care of you.

Rocket Yoga The Rocket, is a modification of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, which renews your energy by stimulating the movement of prana (life force energy) throughout all the body systems, thus bringing you to a place of happiness and acceptance. Each class is a mix of Sun Salutations, standing poses, twists, hip-openers, arm-balances, and handstands, keeping the energy level high and encouraging students to connect to their inner power and change their perspective. A more challenging class so prepare to sweat..

Core Intensive (Yoga Flow) -  A Vinyasa flow class with a focus on the core. It will make you stable and strong in and out of yoga class. 

Let Go & Flow - A good solid lunchtime class.  Let go of the week's stresses and return to work refreshed.  


 Biographies and photos coming soon!